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Getting Started

This manual is designed to prepare your district for takeoff in the AEM Pilot! It guides you through the essential components of getting started.

  • In Pulling Together a Strong Crew, you’re guided through the process of identifying the essential members of your accessibility crew. You’re also given lots of ideas for a smooth flight to your destination.
  • In Creating and Joining Your District’s Account, you’re walked through the steps of getting your crew set up and organized in the AEM Pilot.
  • In Getting to Know the Quality Indicators, you’re given recommendations for building your crew’s essential background knowledge. This will give you the necessary lift for self-assessment and progress monitoring with the AEM Quality Indicators.
  • In Using the AEM Pilot’s Console, you’re shown best practices for using the controls for self-assessment and progress monitoring, and what to expect upon landing.

Change is the result of all true learning.

Leo Buscaglia, American author and professor of special education
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