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Creating and Joining Your District’s Account

As a process facilitator that guides collaborative decision making on actions that improve accessibility of materials and technologies used by students, the AEM Pilot is designed for use by district teams (known as “crews”). To get started with an account, your district will need to assign an AEM Pilot Administrator who will send invitations to join your district’s crew and, ideally, take on the role of providing assistance with using the tool.

Steps for the AEM Pilot Administrator to create a district account

  • Create an individual account.
  • Go to “My profile” and complete the information.
  • Go to “My crew” and then select the “Invite crew members” button.
  • Enter the email addresses of the personnel being invited to join the district’s accessibility crew. A sample email message has been prepared and is ready for personalization. Along with your message, each recipient will receive a customized join link.
  • Choose the “Send invitations” button.
  • Return to “My crew” to monitor current crew members and pending invitations. Note the option to cancel invitations.

Steps for crew members to join the district account

  • In the email invitation from your district’s AEM Pilot Administrator, follow the link to create your account.
  • Create your profile.
  • Go to “My crew’ to see a list of your district’s current crew members. Note that you can access their profiles by selecting their names.

Frequently Asked Questions about AEM Pilot Accounts

How is my personal information protected? We will never share your email address or other personal information. Please see the AEM Pilot Privacy Policy for details.

What can AEM Pilot Administrators do that crew members can’t? The only distinction between an administrator account and a crew member account is the ability to send and monitor invitations. Everyone on the crew has access to taking notes during discussions and to creating, editing, and generating reports. This flexibility facilitates collaboration. At the same time, your crew will benefit from a plan that specifies which member(s) will be the sole or primary authors within the tool. This and other guidance is provided in Pulling Together a Strong Crew in the AEM Pilot User Manual.

Do I have to join a district account to use the AEM Pilot? Technically, no. However, if you create an individual account without an invitation, the email address you use will not be available to join the district account for your crew. If you want to simply take the Pilot for a test flight without setting up a district account first, be sure to use a personal email address. That way, your school or district email address will be available should your district create an AEM Pilot account.

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