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First time here? The AEM Pilot is designed for use by state or district teams. If you are an assigned AEM Pilot Administrator for a state or district, creating an account will enable you to invite others from your state or district to join. If you are not an AEM Pilot Administrator but your state or district has set up an account, request an invitation from your assigned AEM Pilot Administrator. If you’d like an individual account to simply explore the AEM Pilot, we recommend using an email address that’s not connected to your state, school, or district. That way, your state, school, or district email address will be available should your state or district create an AEM Pilot account.

After creating your account with the AEM Pilot, a verification notice will be sent to the email address you provide.

We will never share your email with anyone.
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Please retype to make sure the password is entered correctly.
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